Just a gentle reminder

This is just a little message to any who want to follow this worthless blog. There will be no new posts at this site. I got tired of Word Press and decided to move on. The old soap box has ended its run. Not tat it was much of a run, more like a very slow walk, actually more of a disabled shuffle.

Well, no loss, I had some enjoyment from doing it for a while, but it was long past time to move on.

I suggest you check out Bill the Butcher as his blog is very worth your time.  You could try wpkronkat.blogspot.com but if you like this blog, I doubt you’ll like old Walter Kronkat, he is NOT a gentle type. Well, he does like cats so he isn’t totally all bad.

This post became required as I have received a few emails telling me that some folks had decided to follow this blog. Even a comment asking for more here. Sorry, but this blog is  now a former blog. It ended some time back. I just ran out of anything worth saying. Well, no loss. Now you have more free time to read sites that are really worth reading.

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish. Yes, that IS a tribute to the late, very great Douglas Adams. He even wrote a book with that title and I have a copy of it. I also recommend the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, all by Douglas Adams. The man sure could write a damn good story.

Get out there and enjoy your life as best you can. Thanks to any and all who ever stopped by this insignificant site.


Finally, some good news.

Greeting to all. Yes, it has been a long time since my last post here at the old soap box. Sorry about that, I just haven’t felt I had much to say recently. So many others seem to say much of what I want to say and they all do it much better. Also, with all the damn fool wars of choice raging across the planet, thanks mostly to (not so very) old ‘Merikkka I just got tired of bitching about all the negativity.
Well, today I read of two, yes, count them up, TWO bits of honest to goodness good news. As I said in the title of this post, finally!
Number one, and this is a big one in my opinion.The agreement between Iran and the P5+1 was finally signed! Hooray! And a huge, what the hell took you morons so damn long? I AM asking YOU leaders of ‘Merikkka, in particular our igNobel piece prizident for one. Of course the good news is tempered a bit. Naturally, look who the Iranians were negotiating with. Yep, ‘Merikkka. The sanctions will not be fully lifted until January 2016. Well, crap, but, wait, it is going to take a few months to get all the supposed minor details in place for this new agreement. Still, the Iranian people were overjoyed at this news. Hell, the entire world ought to be I think.
Now it is only natural, and it does follow that Bibi Nutty-assed Yahoo says that he and the zionist entity are NOT beholden to this agreement. Well sure. I mean, when has the entity ever obeyed international law? About the only times I can recall is when it suits them and/or is in their favor. Any other time, they just do as they want so why would they do any different now? That idiot gang who run the entity are just further isolating themselves and their absurd little apartheid regime. One can almost see the day when no decent, humane country will allow any of their leaders into their countries for any reason. You want to act like a nasty, foul mouthed, spoiled brat, we all should treat you like one and sit you in a corner and ignore you until you can act like a decent human being.

The other good news, the New Horizons space craft has made it to Pluto and is sending back photos and more data than even the entire team who worked on this neat space mission could ever have hoped for. Last I heard from that group was it is going to take years to analysis all the data they will get. It is going to be months just for all the photos to be sent from the craft and downloaded. There are some great web sites about this mission. The official NASA web site has much of it. Just type New Horizons into your favorite search engine and off you go to see a planet, OK, ok, dwarf planet, for the very first time ever! Now, there you go, new information. More cool things we never knew before. That in my personal opinion is damn good news. More knowledge, more interesting discoveries.

OK, here it comes. Yeah, I have to throw in some of my old downer crap. Hey, what can I say, I’m 67 and and too bloody old to change now. My downer is this, with all this good news, no US/EU/NATO war against Iran, thanks to cool heads finally staying cool for a change. Many thanks to Russia and China for this as well. May the cosmos bless them, for now at least. Also, all the new information we are getting and will still get in the next months from and about Pluto; why in bloody goddamn hell are we still running around this planet killing each other just because we do not all believe the same damn old fairy tale about some mythical sky doG? I swear, it is more than enough to make this old combat vet sick as hell and that would be so even IF I didn’t have my current medical problems. Of course the greed of Wally Street/City of London and the international banksters and the military contractors, weapons makers/sellers and the damn fool mercenaries are all part of this horse shit mess and should be shut down yesterday, better yet, last decade. Hell, last century.
Science gain us new knowledge, and still some of our fellow humans are killing each other over some damn fool bullshit ancient myths. Get over it you morons.
I’ll leave you with an oldie from my high school days. There is still, I think they still make it, a dog food named Ken-L-Ration. The jingle for the TV ad went like this’ “My dog is better than your dog. My dog eats Ken-L-Ration”. Well, my best friends and I, we were nearly booted out of the Lutheran church for asking bad questions. (We were nearly excommunicated. When Dad told me about it, I said let them, I’ll wear that as a badge of honor. He knew I would have and said I never had to attend church or Sunday school again. Dad was my first hero and that day guaranteed that status for him.) Our version went like this; “My god’s better than your god. My god eats Ken-L-Ration”. There is some version of a bit about a dyslexic atheist who couldn’t figure why he had to walk the god, but I can’t remember it all. If any of you know it, send it here and I’ll approve it in the comments section.

Until next time, keep learning, about everything/anything. Oh, and as always, be nice to each other. We’ll all be better off for it.

Will the USA ever learn?

The events that have triggered the mess in Baltimore are making news, as this situation should. Well, now for my look at it all.
An old email friend sent me a link to an article regarding Baltimore and asked my opinion of it. The article mentioned that this year is the 50th “anniversary” (the article didn’t use that word as I recall) of the Watts riots. I remember that time. Dad had moved us to southern California in the spring of 1959. His job had a higher paying position for him and his ability as a diesel mechanic there. He jumped at the offer and off we went. OK, we left a few months later as we had to sell the house and pack, etc..
I was a junior in high school when Watts erupted in 1965. Yes, for those who may be wondering, I hit 67 this past December, my birth month.
The fact that the Watts riots were 50 years ago got my old brain spinning. Looking back, it amazes me how very little, as in next to zero, the country learned from the riots in Watts in 1965. Seriously folks, IF, admittedly a very small word with huge meanings, IF the country had actually learned from the Watts riots and put those lesson in place, the recent mess in Baltimore would not have happened. Of course I could as easily say that the Rodney King beating would also never have happened. Good grief, 50 years? Amazing that after all this time, as a country, we have learned nearly zero from our own history.
I get this way every time I check various web sites and/or blogs that have a readership outside the US of A. People from other countries are amazed at how ignorant many ‘Merikkkans are of world history. Well, it is even worse, and I just flat got wore out from posting, a majority of ‘Merikkkans are near totally ignorant of US history, let alone world history.
Naturally, our (??) politicians are out and about spouting off on how we need to get tougher with those “thugs” etc., etc.. Yeah, sure thing there Sparky, just how well has that worked out for us these last 50 years? Oh joy, the US of A has the highest number and percentage of its own citizens in prison/jail. See, we ARE number one! Not exactly in a category I’d be proud of though.
I am not going to pick apart the reasons why nor get into the proposed “solutions” that are and will be offered. I do want to add this, you cannot, absolutely CANNOT keep dumping on a group of people for extended time periods and then act all surprised when they finally say ENOUGH and rise up against those who oppress them. Nope, no can do Jackson. That is total bullshit.
Just take a closer look at the unemployment stats. Think its bad for young folks today? Try being young and a member of any minority group, the rate of unemployment goes through the damn roof!
Oh, and the “war on drugs” with its idiotic mandatory sentencing is a major contributor to this mess we have in Baltimore today. Oh, we are told, the drug thing is all about economics. Yep, it is too. Supply and demand, pure economics. Trouble is, the gummint is going after the supply without even bothering to look at the demand. Well crap, just about any half way decent parent knows, or sure as hell ought to know, if you are trying to change behavior, you need to reward good behavior not just punch behaviors you want gone. Carrot and stick, and it cannot, ever, be 100% stick. Nope, that never works out right, ever. This does not mean we should let all the real criminals go free, just use some common sense about illegal drugs. We know prohibition does NOT work, oh, wait, that means knowing some US history, doesn’t it? Yeah, well, crap, I just shot down my own best argument didn’t I? Ever feel like you just can’t win? Well, try being a young person, better yet, try being a young person who is a member of some minority. No, we do not need to “coddle” them, that is not going to work either. How about something different? How about fair yet firm. Tell everybody the rules and enforce them with the use of real brain power, not fire power.
My personal view on all this, we could have prevented it. We could have prevented the Watts riots also. How so you ask? Simple, just follow the old “golden rule”. Yep, just try, every day, to treat ALL people you come in contact with the way you want to be treated. One more thing, don’t toss in any religion with this, it isn’t needed. Just try your best, every day, every hour, to be nice to each other. I honestly believe that IF (that little word again) we ALL of us, would just try and treat ALL we come in contact with the way we each want to be treated, we’d ALL be happier and this rioting would not happen. There would be no need for it. We could riot/demonstrate against things like war and the obscene profits that war makes for the very richest of the rich.
Come on people, give it a try, be nice to each other. Show the other person some respect. Trust me, it will make you feel better once you start doing so.

Until next time, please, be good to each other.

Yes, I am still alive……..mostly

Yes, it has been a long time since my last post here. Oh well, my blog, my schedule.
Well, that was supposed to be funny or at least sarcastic. See, I have no schedule, not for posting there nor for much of anything else. Being retired allows me that option.

No doubt readers of this infrequent blog know by now that the vile creature John Bolton has crawled out from under whatever rock he’d been hiding under the last few years. He got space in the New York Times for an “op-ed” telling us how we “need” to bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran. Yes, I know, shade of old McCrazy in 2008 when he and failin’ Pailin ran for POTUS/VPOTUS. No doubt you will recall old McCrazy butchering the “Beach Boys” song turning it into “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”. Yeah, well, guess what folks? Those days are NOT gone and buried. Nope, crazy Bolton has brought that crapola back onto the very pages of the “Newspaper of record” as the masthead of the NYT still proclaims. Some record! Good grief, that very “newspaper” still keeps little Tommy Friedman on as a columnist.

Bolton says “we” must bomb Iran so that country cannot get a nuclear bomb. I would think that a person who is supposedly employed at a think tank would have read the US intelligence reports that have clearly stated that Iran is not, and has not, been working towards developing any sort of nuclear weapon for some years now. He seems to gloss over the fact that Israel, the zionist entity, DOES have nuclear bombs. According to various sources, the entity has approximately 200+ nuclear weapons. Of course we don’t know the exact number as the entity will not allow any inspections of its nuclear facilities. And yet, the very same entity wants the US of A too bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

Why does the entity want us to do this bombing? Well, because the supposed leaders of that outfit say that IF Iran got a nuclear weapon that Iran would USE it, probably against the entity itself. Also, IF Iran got a nuke, that would set off a new arms race in the Middle East. Really? Then why hasn’t the FACT that the entity has nukes set off a nuclear arms race already?

Well, excuse me, but I smell double standards here. And man, do they STINK to hell and back. Of course in my personal opinion ALL double standards stink to hell and gone, but that is just me. Others may disagree. Ah well, their choice. Actually, I would not want everybody to agree with me all the time. IF that ever happened, I promise you all, I would be bored to death. We can disagree on all sorts of things, the trick is to keep those disagreements civilized. If only the neo-cons, heavy emphasis on the “con” part, could understand this rather simple thing. Somehow, every time somebody does not agree with these neo-cons, it is suddenly time to bomb and kill those who do not agree with them. Well, that might not be too awful EXCEPT, except for this fact; these same war loving neo-cons never DO any actual fighting. Nope, just like their main hero Mr. 5 Deferments Cheney, they “allow” the working class and poor kids to have that “honor” of doing the dirty work. They just sit back and take the credit, IF the plans go off as they claim they will. Um, er, uh, remember Iraq? Remember how the likes of Cheney, Bolton, Wolfowitz, etc. told the country that the Iraq war was going to be a “cake walk”? Remember how these same neo-cons told the country our troops would be welcomed with flowers, as liberators? Yep, and just how did that shit work out? No, I have not forgotten the “surge” and the now disgraced General Delayus (yes I mis-spelled his name on purpose, sue me). Funny how the general seemed to “fail upwards” until he got busted for giving classified information to his mistress. And even then, he is still allowed to walk around free. Holy crap, they locked up poor Chelsea Manning for telling the truth, and yet this clown blabs to his mistress, he was still married (can you say conduct unbecoming? YES you CAN), and he is still a free person. Well, of course, double standards, again.

America, what a country.

Until next time, be good to each other.

Catching up…………sort of

I have been thinking of a new post and then started reading some of the articles I’d saved for later. Yes, it has been some time since the last post here. Why so long since the last one? Well, my reasons, if you want to be sarcastic/cynical call them my excuses, I don’t mind at all, my reasons are chronic pain and near total mental burn out. The chronic pain is not new, I recently passed the 25th anniversary of the injury that left me with this disability. Oh, but that mental burn out, that also is not really new, it has happened before on the old blog site. Any of you who follow world events closely know just how damn tiring it gets. You try and stay current with the moronic doings of the clowns in D. C. and man alive, you DO get to overload, quickly. When it all gets too much, we react, each of us in our own way. Hopefully not in a self-destructive manner, though I can see how it could drive one to despair. Well, having survived Vietnam and then the deaths of people very close to me, my Dad first, then our only child, and finally, my wife of 24 years, so I have been really down before and yet, I’m still here. Still going on. I even got remarried to a really wonderful lady and we are happy, even after 14 years, she still puts up with me.

When I get into information overload, I just quit reading so much. I still do check certain web sites every day, even though I do not read all the articles that I might normally. I save them, “for later” and now I am going to summarize some of what has been bugging me. No, this is not the post that I am still working towards. That one still needs a bit more thinking on.

I am sure those of you who do keep up with world events and have done so better than I have these past weeks know all of this, OK, this is just my take on some of them.

It seems that all of us in the (not so very) old US of A are supposed to be deathly afraid of ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State, the Caliphate, or whatever the hell they are calling themselves this afternoon. Good grief, this gang seems to change its name more often than most of us change socks. Any who, this is supposedly a “spin off” (as in TV sitcoms?) of the long dreaded al-Qaeda supposedly the “brain child” of the supposedly now dead bin-Laden. Yep, the “original” bad guys that W. Shrub went to Afghanistan and Iraq to get. Funny that he and Mr. 5 deferments Cheney were unable to capture or kill him even though they had eight years to do so. Nope, it took our current “socialist” president, the (ig)Nobel piece Prizident to do that job. Yes, I DID put the term socialist in “scare” quotes, because the drone king, Obama is NOT anywhere near being any sort of a socialist. Old Richard Nixon was more left wing than the drone king ever was or will be. It IS true, look up which president signed the clean water act, the clean air act, and got the EPA going. Yep, old Nixon of Watergate infamy. So, just how is it that the drone king is any sort of “socialist”. He is such because the Reich wing of the elephant party say so, nothing more. The “tea party”, which is a total AstroTurf group, funded by the Reich wingers.  Oh yes, it bills itself as a true “grass roots” outfit, but it is no more real grass roots than I am the new pope. Funny as I do not, will not ever follow any organized religion and do not believe in any sort of doG, thanks any way.

Now as if this ISIS/ISIL/Caliphate isn’t frightening enough for you, we have the newest “bad guys” who make the vile ISIS/whatever they call themselves this afternoon look like a kindergarten. Yes, I do mean the dreaded, vile, repulsive Khorasan Group. These are the clowns who have sent videos to the net of beheadings and other assorted atrocities. Yes, yes, I know that al-Nusra was “credited” with the eating of human organs, but this Khorasan Group is supposed to be even worse, much worse, AND they are/were supposedly in the planning stages of  doing some terror attacks in Europe and even, wait for it…….the US of A itself.  Well, I suppose we are all to give thanks to the US military for bombing this Khorasan Group into dust then. For further information I recommend the article at the web site TomDispatch dated 7 October, 2014. Sorry for not giving the link, WordPress has been giving me fits about putting links into my posts recently and I have yet to solve this issue. I will try and get it resolved ASAP, but will not hold my breath. Worst case would involve a move back to blogger under a new name. That may be in the works as I post this. Stay tuned for further information regards any move.

Another things that pisses me off is US officials among others who continue to refer to our country as the “homeland”. Jeebus, back when they first came out with that new cabinet office, the Department of Homeland Security, I was pissed. We have never, ever called the United States of America the “homeland”. Good grief people, that sounds so much like Hitler and his Nazi gang calling Germany the “Fatherland” or even Stalin calling Russia/USSR the “Motherland”. In short, it does NOT sound like the America I grew up in. It was NOT part of high school civics, I am 100% certain of that. For the last 13 years, our country has been called the “homeland” by official Washington D.C. and the idiot media. Enough! Damn, this is America, the USA, not some god awful “homeland”. Hell, the Europeans who came here in 1492 and afterwards, just plain stole this land from the natives who had lived here for centuries before those Europeans “discovered” it. And even then, old Chris thought he had reached India, which is why to this day, in the US of A, the natives are still called Indians. At least Canada has the decency to call them the First Nations.

Homeland? It still sounds disgusting to me. And the next new terror gang is just sitting there, waiting for our military and or NSA/etc. to “discover”. Yeah, and I bet I know just where that next new “threatening” gang is. Just exactly where this Khorasan Group was before we common folks heard of them, in the imagination of some official in D.C./the “security” establishment. See, in my opinion, they need to keep us fearful. The need to invent new, more vile, dangerous terror gangs. Why? All the better that the masses are fearful, that way they willingly give up their civil rights for some “security”. Yes, we have sold our Bill of Rights for false “security”, or, if you like, for a pot of old porridge.  Tell me, did it taste good? Are you happy now? Be afraid, be very, very afraid. Of the “terrerists” of course. In truth, each of us living in the US of A have a much larger chance of being killed while driving/riding in a motor vehicle on our own roadways than we do of being killed by any terrorists. I’d be willing to bet that the chance of being struck by lightening is greater than that of being killed by a terrorist in the US of A. Now, in other countries, in particular any where the US military has invaded, then the chance of death by terrorist IS quite high. Pleas people, do NOT be fooled by those who are selling you some bullshit story about how there are terrorists sneaking across the Rio Grande looking to wreak havoc here in the US of A. It is highly unlikely that will happen any time in the near future, if at all. Unless………….unless it is a false flag attack.

Until next time, PLEASE, please do try and be good to each other. At times when people are being fed so much absolute bullshit, to keep them very fearful, we NEED all the kindness towards each other we can manage. So please, be good to each other. We can get through this shit. We just need to keep calm and treat each other with common courtesy. As the late, great Douglas Adams wrote in the “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy”, he said on the cover of that book were the following words; Don’t panic. Damn good advice for us all to remember.